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The Helm of the Noble +1, also known as the Helm of Glory, is an enchanted helmet. Aside from protecting the wearer from critical hits, it raises charisma by 1 point and provides a -1 bonus to armor class.


Baldur's Gate[]

This helmet is in the possession of Jardak. He can be found in one of the houses around the Ducal Palace in North Baldur's Gate.

Shadows of Amn[]

This helm is gained as a reward from the first mission for the Temple of Helm in the Athkatla Temple District in Athkatla.

There are also three more copies of this helm to be found during Dorn's quest (dropped by Guardian Telwyn, Guardian Terpfen and Big Mordim).


Helm of glory: 'Helm of the Noble.' Named for its original owner, Sir Tain the Noble, this helmet saw many great battles in his possession. It was eventually passed to Sir Tain's squire, who had served him faithfully for almost ten years. Alas, the young man had neither the strength, nor the skill to uphold his master's legacy. It is rumored he lost his life of a worthy, but ultimately futile cause, and the helm has had many owners since.


In classic Baldur's Gate GTRBPSK Icon BG1Baldur's Gate (1998)
This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate campaign.
, it's the only helm other than Helm of Balduran, that can boost AC. In the Enhanced Edition it no longer looks the same as in the classic Baldur's Gate games.


Helm of the Noble in EE looks like above, differing from the Original Baldur's Gate images

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