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Helm of Balduran is a powerful relic that once belonged to the famous explorer and founder of Baldur's Gate, Balduran. It is one of the most sought after pieces of headgear in the game. Aside from offering protection from critical hits, it also provides a -1 bonus to armor class, lowers THAC0 by 1, increases the hit points of the wearer by five points, and gives the wearer a -1 bonus for all saving throws.

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, it's the only helm besides the Helm of the Noble that boosts AC.



The fabled helm of Balduran, legendary founder of Baldur's Gate, has long been rumored to wield powerful protective magic. The exact nature of this magic, however, has not yet been determined.



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In Balduran's Image[]

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Don the sword, shield, helm, and plate of Balduran.