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Hecito is a messenger from the government of Amn on his way to deliver a message to the Grand Dukes. He will approach the party on sight and will give a bit of a sassy reply depending upon the dialogue choice. He then continues on his way and disappears.


Make way; I bear a message for the dukes from the Great Empire of Amn!

1 - I doubt the dukes care about the pompous words of your precious Amn, little one.
Hah, they'll care when we turn the ballistas on Beregost, fool. We've had enough of the dukes' quaint belligerence and are well prepared to colonize this port as we have colonized fair Maztica across the sea... little one...
2 - What message? Is there war?
Patience wears thin in Athkatla. We're massing troops along our northern border and are prepared to advance on Baldur's Gate in short order should they continue any longer with their belligerence... Tell all who care, for if Amn goes to war, it shall be total war: against this city's citizens as much as against its bragging Dukes.

This leads to the following entry in the quest section of your Journal under the title: Rising Tensions with Amn

According to the message I intercepted, the forces of Amn are massing along the border. War seems inevitable now.