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Handwritten Note (LUM3) is one of eight Lum machine notes found in Watcher's Keep in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.


This brief note is written in wild, looping, haphazard script. The words seem to be almost nonsensical babblings:

Shhh! Calm before storm! Medium green triange gets storm in hand. -Lum


This particular note is found on the Watcher's Keep Altar Level.

It details in an abbreviated manner a combination sequence that must be selected to initiate the "storm in hand" result.

The machine will grant the weapon Storm Star (unidentified) to the character entering the combination - which is pulling the Medium Lever, turning the Green Dial, and pressing the Triangular Button. The player's info screen will display a text reading:

An item appears in your pack. This is followed by The Party Has Gained An Item: Mace.

Note that repeating the same combination a second time (or more) will result in an unpredictable effect, such as being Imprisoned, permanently losing a point of Intelligence and perhaps being Petrified.