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The Hand of Vecna is a magical item not realized for the release of Baldur's Gate, but promoted on its now archived official website, under the "Magic" section.


The hand and eye are all that remain of the great Arch-Lich Vecna. The true powers of this artifact were revealed to Sir Bullyarn after he defeated the Tarrasque. At that time he received a key that allowed him to a open a portal leading directly to the abyss. After descending to conquer Orcus using his +10 Holy Avenger, 'Benign Fabricator', the hero read from the Book of Jocularity and realized his fate was meretricious.[2]

The hand of Vecna is described in the Encyclopedia Magica Volume II, an accessory for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, the original Baldur's Gate series is based upon. According to its entry, it will irreversibly replace a user's normal hand, leaving them one-handed even after removing it. Every use of its primary powers, though, reduces the chances to remove the hand again, and it will be permanently attached after having used them ten times. In addition, it will cause the "wearer" to become evil.


The hand's primary powers are spell-like abilities for up to three times per rest, including the Death Spell, Finger of Death, Monster Summoning, Sleep, Slow, and Spell Turning; locating various forms of treasure in a certain vicinity; teleport; x-ray vision; and a sense of danger. Secondary powers are the ability to detect traps and secret doors; infravision; and levitation and flying. If a creature is touched with the hand, this will once per day turn their bones to jelly.[1]

The more often powers are used, the higher the chances for the user to become ethereal when, for example, facing danger or being uncertain of situations otherwise.[1]

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