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Halsin is a Wood Elf Druid and a possible companion in Baldur's Gate III.


  • Go to the Worg Pens inside the Shattered Sanctum.
  • Rescue the Bear in the cage, that bear is Halsin
  • Defeat the three Goblin leaders (Minthara, Priestess Gut and Ragzlin)
  • After defeating them, speak to Halsin, after doing so, speak to him again in the Druid Grove
  • He will join you at your camp but not as a companion yet.
  • For Halsin to become a companion, you have to lift the Shadow curse.
  • You will find an unconscious man affected by the Shadow curse in Last Light Inn.
  • After speaking to him, go back to camp and speak to Halsin, he will then go to Last Light Inn.
  • Speak to Halsin at Last Light Inn, he will ask you to help cure the man affected by the Shadow Curse.
  • Go to the House of Healing where you will find an instrument that belongs to the man you need to cure.
  • Use the instrument to wake the man up, you will then need to go with Halsin, to find the Nature spirit that can help lift the curse
  • Find the other half of the Nature spirit
  • Once you have found both halves, speak to Halsin and he will join as a companion.