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May you know the happiness of a warm hearth and home.

Halfling Women are only found in Gullykin Village in Baldur's Gate and the Enhanced Edition. Two are found wandering around within the village while a third one is found during the day in the basement of generic burrow home 2. They have no items that can be pick pocketed but they do carry 10 gp.

She will engage the party in dialogue that focuses on adventuring and the hospitality of halflings.

Why should there be such a ruckus? Are visitors so uncommon here?

Visitors are not uncommon. Only those that are... unique enough to have cast off hearth and home to follow the wandering life. Not many a small folk can understand why anyone would leave their homes and not seek new ones. I fancy they shall not know whether to call you daft or just... eh... eccentric. Either way, most will still welcome you to their homes.

When charmed, she will mention the Firewine Bridge and update your world map to show its location (even if you've already discovered the area on your own).

As your friend I would tell you NOT to go to the Firewine Bridge, but, knowing your inclination, I will point out its location here on your map.

— charmed