Half-ogres Near Beregost is a side quest which can be started in the Jovial Juggler. In "classic" Baldur's Gate this quest is commonly referred to as Bjornin's Half-Ogres.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Bjornin; he will tell you about the half-ogres in the Area Northwest of Nashkel, also known as Fisherman’s Lake. If you can't find Bjornin in the main room of the Jovial Juggler, try the kitchen area in the back.
  • Travel to the Fisherman's Lake area and you should find four half-ogres north of the large lake (AR4200 | 3025.425).
    • In the original game, you are attacked upon arriving from the north through the Red Canyons. This no longer works in the enhanced edition, since the worldmap is altered and you enter the map more to the east.
  • After you have slain them, return to Bjornin for your reward.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Quest start:

Bjornin, a paladin currently healing from his wounds in Beregost's Jovial Juggler Inn, has asked me to uproot a band of half-ogres. According to his report, they have been fortifying themselves in the mountains south-southwest of town.

— Journal

After completion:

Bjornin is as generous as he is brave. For my efforts against the half-ogres, he gave me his splendid shield.

— Journal

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • InBaldur's Gate GTRBPSK Icon BG1.pngBaldur's Gate (1998)
    This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate campaign.
    , this quest is bugged. The side-quest can be started and the half-ogres do appear in the area and can be killed, but it can't be completed, because the mechanic which allows Bjornin to see that the ogres have been killed is broken.
    • Alternatively, it may have never been bugged, it may simply be time-sensitive, with a fairly short timer, or it may have a conflict with one of the many quests urging you to make haste for Nashkel. Try completing this quest before going to Nashkel and you may get a shiny new shield without having to install a mod.
    • This bug is fixed in Baldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoD.pngBaldur's Gate:
      Enhanced Edition
      This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.
  • When you encounter them in the game, the "Half-ogres" will be called "Half Ogres."
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