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This item is equipped in the main weapon slot of the Jon Irenicus (Abyss) Slayer form creature in Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7.

This weapon inflicts 1d6+14 Crushing damage plus and addition 2 points Cold damage on each successful hit. It has a reach of 1, and 0 speed factor. The item is a +5 magical/enchanted item regarding what creatures it can strike. The THAC0 and physical damage is modified by the wielder's strength attribute.

None of the on-hit damage effects can be negated by Magic resistance or spell Power level protections. There is no Saving Throw applicable either.

In addition to the weapon damage properties, the item bestows the following immunities to the wielder:

The item also sets the wielder's Base Armor Class to -4.

All Saving throw values are set to 2.

The item bestows a Regeneration rate of 6 HP/second.

Some of the immunities bestowed by this item are duplicates of another item furnished to the creature, JONHP1.ITM.