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The Guile card, can be drawn from the deck of many things when agreeing to play a game with Aesgareth in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze.

This page is to document the potential spell effects of this card when it is drawn.


When a party member character engages in the first second draw contest with Aesgareth, there is an even chance of drawing the Construct card, or the Strength (card).

If this card is drawn, the script controlled by Aesgareth's dialogue will apply this spell to the party member who drew the card.

The spell will conjure multiple graphic visual effects and summon six Thief (guile card) creatures, each who is labelled as "Assassin" on the combat screen.

These assassins are identical in appearance and abilities.

The six assassins positioned on the map around the character. The duration of these creatures is eight hours before they will disappear from the area map.

The creatures turn hostile and will attack the nearest party member in detection range, and other targeting actions will be evaluated by the assigned script each assassin has.