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Guildmistress Busya is a member of the Merchant Guild in Trademeet during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

We can use whatever help we can get these days.

Busya will admit that her current position is limited by the current problems Trademeet is facing; not only from the Animal Trouble, but also by the stranglehold on trade imposed by the Dao Djinn.

"My name is Busya, and I am the mistress of the Merchant Guild in Trademeet. Once, we promoted fair and honest trade here, but as of late my title is rather meaningless."

After speaking to the Mayor, High Merchant Logan Coprith, he will ask the party's help in dealing with the "genie problem" in Trademeet. He directs you to Guildmistress Busya for specifics.

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