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Guardian, is the name given to this creature as seen during dialogue on the game. this is an NPC found within Watcher's Keep Altar Level.

The artifacts now in place, the altar shimmers and glows as you approach. The very stones beneath your feet tremble with caged power. The ritual has begun.

— Guardian


First contact with this disembodied creature "voice" and authority figure occurs when interacting with the Altar and placing the Bell and Candle next to the Holy Book.

Note that the spirit figure is an actor for the plot and roleplaying, not some monster to be killed. it is made undetectable and designed to be not selectable, non-visible, impervious to damage or being killed, as destruction of the actor will foul up the game plot.

The use of a creature placed on an area map to deliver dialogue and dialogue selections is an Infinity Engine mechanic used throughout the Baldur's Gate series.


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