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Eh? Who do you think you are, walking about the Lady's place as if you own it?

Guard (Brothel Cellar) is a pair of human male fighters that appears in the Cellar of Brothel area. they're initially positioned near the far end of the hallway, and out of initial visual range. There are some minor differences between the two guard's but they only are encountered together in the same area.


If the party enters the cellar area and has already tripped the Brothel Area alarm system, then this guard and companion guard will be hostile. They will attack the party on sight.

However, if the party has entered the cellar with Galvena's Medallion and was allowed to enter by the Brothel Front (greeter/guard) as a "new employee", then these guards will be neutral. They are also neutral toward the party initially if pursuing the Sleeping Potion" plot line and have been transported into the Courtesan's room and are trying to find Ellie the cook. Either way, the guards will challenge the party. If done properly, the guards will believe you are new employees, or tell you to return to the courtesan room and not wander about without escort.

In the end, either the party will pursue the Sleeping Potion plot, or will end up fighting the two guards. If a fight breaks out the two guards will engage with their halberds. Assuming they are defeated, then the bodies can be looted.

There are two InfoBoxes displayed on this page, one for each guard, as there are different ability scores and hit points between them, and each has a different set of dialogue and responses. The first is PIRMUR08.cre, and the second is PIRMUR04.cre. The second guard also has a script which refers to a "Captain Rerdes", which triggers a spawned version of Guard Captain (Brothel) to join the two guards against the party in battle.

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some minor changes to these two fighters. Both are assigned new default AI scripts to improve tactical behavior. Weapon proficiencies are updated to 5 pips in Halberd weapon proficiency, and 2 pips in Two-handed weapon fighting style. Naturally, that means the creatures have improved APR, damage output, THAC0 and Critical Hit chances. Some SCS random treasure is placed the guard's inventory.