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Gronmir's Hideout is a sort of "Throne Room" within the Saradush castle. It is part of the story line for Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal and is where the party will eventually face Gromnir Il-Khan, one of the warring bhaalspawns in the saga. This will take place in Baldur's Gate II Chapter 8.


A moderately sized chamber with an ornate staircase on one side, with steps descending to Gronmir 1st Level and steps ascending to Saradush proper. Several pillars and stone columns with decorative details support a high ceiling. Lit glass sconces illuminate the room and send warm light to reflect from the elaborate gold-laced mosaics on the walls and floor. A dais is raised on one side of the chamber with a marble throne, draped with velvet cushioning. It is a regal setting.


To even reach this room has been a hazardous journey through several other previous areas and dungeons, populated by hostile forces of which many were under Gromnir's control.

When the party reaches this "Throne Room" from the level below, a cut scene will play in which Gromnir and Melissan are in the midst of a verbal confrontation. Eventually Gromnir has her led away from the chamber by the two Il-Khan Soldier guards, presumably to be locked up somewhere - as he does not trust her and thinks she plots against him.

Soon after, the party is spotted by Gromnir and he calls the party out as assassins, and hostilities begin immediately. And so, as is often the case, violence and bloodshed are inevitable.

When the fight breaks out the party will face Gromnir who is assisted by the mage Karun the Black, as well as a Il-Khan Battle Mage. Just a few seconds into the hostilities, three other allies of Gromnir appear - including Eler Had, Berena Elkan and a Il-Khan soldier with a bow. If playing modded content, there may be more opponents present and perhaps reinforcements on their way.

Gromnir, and the mages will spring into action with initial innate ability spells, or actual spell casts. The other three opponents will attack in melee combat or attempt thrown weapons or missile fire if they are able to. See the individual creature pages for notes and abilities to help with the player's in-game tactics.

When the battle is over, Melissan will show herself again in the throne room and lament that Gromnir has been slain. She continues dialogue and exchange with the party, and finally after learning that Gorion's Ward is actually not trapped in the Saradush by the besieging army (because of the Pocket Plane travel ability), she advances some important information.

If you agree to help the city of Saradush, she will unlock certain map areas - such as the Forest of Mir and the Marching Mountains. Now the party can pursue how to defeat the seemingly invincible Yaga-Shura. The army besieging the city can be broken once the Fire Giant is defeated. Melissan teleports away, and the party is free to loot the room and carry on with the adventure.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Ascension mod adds a great cat leopard to the fight, named Ramazith. This feline is 10 HD creature with 18 strength, 20% magic resistance, a high movement rate, and a moderate physical damage resistance. Attacks 3 times per round with raking claws.

About four rounds into the battle, Ascension adds two reinforcement creatures to the battle. These are a Minotaur Battle Priest and a Il-Khan Medusa.

Minotaur Battle Priest (GROMMIN.cre): This giant humanoid is a level 16 LE Cleric with 160 HP, wields an Axe, Adjusted THAC0 -2, 2 APR. Has a 19 Strength. Adjusted AC is 0. The creature has a +3 movement modifier, +2 Spell Casting Speed modifier bonus, and is immune to Maze effects (because it's a Minotaur).

If the Sword Coast Stratagems mod is installed, then a full spell book of divine spells is assigned for the creature for use. Upon appearing in the battle will instantly self-buff (previously cast) with Armor of Faith, Blade Barrier Spiritual Hammer, Draw Upon Holy Might (spell), Protection From Fire (priest), Free Action (spell), and Chaotic Commands. An Animate Dead will follow. Other spell casts will be in accordance with the 'Smarter Priests' component, looking at the opponent's vulnerabilities and protections to select appropriate magic, examples include Silence, 15' Radius at Mage or Cleric class opponents, and multiple Hold Person (priest) spells.

With the Spiritual Hammer as its melee weapon, installation of the Thrown Hammers mod means that the priest will toss at least two of these per round as a ranged weapon.

Il-Khan Medusa {JUMJUM.cre): This creature has a Sirine appearance and is a classified as a 8 HD LE Human female with a Greater Basilisk class. The creature has 70 HP, 20% magic resistance and 25% resistant to physical damage. The creature regenerates 2 HP/round. The creature is immune to poison, Miscast Magic and Disintegrate effects.

A unique weapon is employed by the creature - it is non magical and can induce a Poison effect with a save to negate, as well as reducing movement speed by 50% for three rounds (no save). Any hit will also have a percentage chance of applying a Flesh to Stone spell upon the struck target (there is a slight delay after the hit before the spell is cast).

Periodically she will force cast a uninterruptible 'Basilisk' spell with a range of 30'. The spell does the same Slow effect and delayed Flesh to Stone as the on-hit weapon effect. She does not run out of these spells and will be targeting the closest detected opponent about every other round.

For the cast of characters and how the Ascension and Sword Coast Stratagems mods change them, see the links in the gameplay section.