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The Green Slime encountered on the Watcher's Keep Elemental Level is a different more robust version of the ordinary Green Slime found elsewhere in the game saga.


This creature is exceptional because it is a mutated and bio-engineered by the Slime laboratory area of the keep, where potent poisons, powerful corrosives, and foul and putrid chemicals were the specialty of the former arch mage who developed it.

Several of these slimes appear in the hazardous Slime laboratory in Watcher's Keep Elemental Level, alongside some other rank creatures, and the Guardian of Slime.

In reality, these slimes probably can't strike anything without rolling a critical hit. their jelly forms can get electrocuted easily with even a low-level lightning bolt.

Their main characteristic is the ability to hang around and shrug off many damages other creatures are harmed by. In large groups they can be a real annoyance. Should an unlucky adventurer be struck by one these, and them miss their saving throw, it could be the final thing they see while still breathing.