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Although this potion provides one major benefit (it sets the user's Strength to 25 for 24 hours), it comes with a few major negative effects as well (Intelligence and Constitution set to 3 and slowness).

These negative effects can, however, be counteracted in some ways. For example: equipping Edventar's Gift before imbibing will prevent the slow effect altogether (one can even unequip the ring afterward) and level 5+ Monks are simply immune to slow. As for the Constitution loss, the Girdle of Fortitude allows a character to raise it to 18 after this potion lowers it (and, once again, the girdle can be unequipped after it's used).

In Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition it can be acquired via the Where's Wilson? quest.


This curious brew was crafted by Zaviak, a Wild Mage and alchemist who has, perhaps, experimented a little too much with his own product. Zaviak explained the potion would make its drinker "really strong," but neglected to mention a number of at best distracting, at worst positively horrific, side effects like the utter, inescapable awareness of one's existence as an insignificant speck in the vastness of the multiverse. Zaviak's got some real issues, man.