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Greater Sun is an innate class ability usable by Sun Soul Monks.


The character wreathes <PRO_HIMHER>self in flames that act as a Fireshield (Red), granting <PRO_HIMHER> 50% Fire Resistance and protecting <PRO_HIMHER> from attacks made within a 5-ft. radius. Any opponents that hit the character with any weapons or spells within this radius suffer 1d8+2 points of fire damage.


  • Greater Sun has a level 4 Spell power and is classified as a "Specific Protection". A Breach effect can remove it, as can a Dispel Magic effect.
  • Uses the Damage Resistance (opcode 30) to apply fire resistance +50% to the caster.
  • Uses Opcode 177 to apply a spell effect upon anyone in range. That spell effect is SPCL237D with a specific projectile with a 7' range to administer the 1d8+2 fire damage to attackers in range. This fire damage is unaffected by magic resistance and spell level protections.