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Greater Otyugh are slightly tougher than the ordinary Otyugh - yet remain foul, revolting creatures that feed primarily on offal and carrion. They are capable of both slowing and inflicting disease upon their victims.


The creature has a basic attack script and will advance and attack in melee range any enemy it can detect. All Otyugh's are highly resistant to Missile damage.

The beast's flapping tentacles strike with 1d8 Crushing damage. This attack is assigned a +3 enchantment level in terms of what it can strike. The reach of the attack is 2, and the speed factor is 1. All Otyugh's Attacks per round rating is at least 3.

In addition to the crushing damage, each hit inflicts a Disease, that offers no Saving throw nor is it blocked by magic resistance or spell protections. The effect last for 90 seconds (15 rounds).

The disease causes 1 damage every round (this is Poison damage). It also infects the target with a Slow effect.

Multiple strikes from an otyugh's attack will cumulatively apply the poison damage and refresh the duration of the slow effect.

Removing the disease before it runs its course can be achieved with a Cure Disease spell or item which applies a cure disease effect.

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Shadows of Amn[]


As of BG2EE 2.6 the Slow effect caused by an otyugh hit is implemented as a Disease effect but is not being alleviated by various disease cures.

Reference: (iotyugh.itm, ohrslng1.itm, otyugh.itm)

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