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Grancor is one of two adventurers who are found in Firkraag's Maze which is located in the Windspear Hills area.

You! You will please help? We are lost in this place, adventurers like you! We have been trapped here for days upon days and need a healer's touch most immediately! Come! Come this way!


He will hail the party upon sight claiming that him and his buddy Falik have been lost and trapped in the dungeon for many days and that they need a healer for some wounded comrades. After some circuitous dialogue, it is revealed that in reality they are both actually a wolfwere looking to ambush the party for food.

When he and Falik revert to their true wolfwere forms, Grancor will transform into a Greater Wolfwere while Falik transforms into the (WOLFWE01.cre) wolfwere. Two additional wolfweres will spawn in the middle room of the tiny three-room area the two creatures are found within. This occurs regardless of whether or not you follow the adventurers to their "wounded".

These other two creatures are the (WOLFWE02.cre) type wolfwere which are the lesser variety found in the game.

When Grancor transforms to his true form, he will drop a suit of Plate Mail armor.


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