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Gont of Ritativin is a human male thief and one of the souls trapped in the drow "Soul Trap Device" in the Underdark during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 5. Once freed of the imprisonment he is first startled, briefly confused and then relieved and surprised about being released.


— Gont of Riativin


Free this creature by manipulating the sixth facet on the soul entrapment device. Where "sixth facet" corresponds to the most eastern (or to the right) orientation if facing the device.

A teleportation animation will display and Gont will manifest in the usual spot nearby the device. He will initiate dialogue.

Once freed of the imprisonment he is first startled, briefly confused and then relieved and surprised about being released.

Apparently for this man, his period within the device was more like a pause in time, and he is unaware of his entrapment. If engaged in conversation he has some useful information. If you let him go, he will leave to try and find his former party who were ambushed by the drow.

If the party is under the drow disguise there will be some additional commentary and dialogue choices.

Gont has quite a bit of information that may prove helpful for a party that hasn't explored very far on their own in the underdark. He is very forthcoming about his time before being captured.

Attacking and killing him will be a trivial exercise, and unnecessary from a threat standpoint. If the party is of the murderous variety, it is easy enough to steer the dialogue in a certain direction to instigate a fight.

After all the conversation that can be had is exhausted, the player's journal will update as follows:

Victims of imprisonment: "I freed a person from a crystal I found. His mind was sound, and he did not wish to fight. He said that he was with another adventuring group and that he must have been imprisoned battling a group of drow. He did not know where they went, and he has now set off to find his lost comrades. He offered a little knowledge of the area, saying that a group of kuo-toa were guarding a bridge to the east and that there was a drow city to the north."

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes a few changes to this Thief. A default SCS script is provided for smarter tactical behavior and targeting. One pip in short sword weapon proficiency and single-weapon style is assigned. SCS random treasure is included in his inventory.

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