Baldur's Gate Wiki

You first meet Golin Vend when he greets you as you enter Beregost for the first time from the north.

Depending on what you ask him he will direct you to the best shops, bars and beds in the town.

He will remain at the northern entrance to Beregost to offer his guide service, but after the initial offer, you will have to initiate conversation.


"Need directions? You seem a friendly sort, so I thought I'd offer my services as a guide. What do you need from the town of Beregost?"

1: -Certainly. If you could direct me to an affordable inn I would much appreciate it.
2:-I'm looking for a bit of luxury. What's the nicest inn in town?
3:-I need some well-made weapons and armor. Do you have a good smithy?
4:-Just a place to sit a spell and drown my worries. Where is a good tavern?