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Golin is a character in Brynnlaw recommended by Claire when she is freed from Galvena.

Spellhold? Well now, I'm not sure you would even want to get in there. People that go in don't usually come back out again.


Golin is the captain of Sanik's merchant vessel. The party learns that Golin may know of a way to gain entry into the Asylum. Claire will take you to meet Golin.

The party cuts to Golin with Claire, and the two have dialogue. Then the party can converse as well through various discussion threads. You will be thanked for rescuing Claire, and perhaps ask for a reward (especially if Edwin is in the party. Afterwards Claire will make her exit, expressing gratitude that you saved her life, and regret about her lover Sanik's murder.

In the end, Golin will explain what he knows about the Asylum, and the means to gain entry. This basically boils down to two choices, as explained in the Getting inside the asylum task/quest.


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Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some minor changes to Golin's AI and scripts based on if he's attacked and becomes hostile. Really not worth going into any detail about that. He'll fall to the party within a few seconds. He isn't meant to be an enemy and makes no story sense to attack him at all.