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A Golem Slow is an innate ability typically available to certain golems, but mostly the Juggernaut Golem and Stone Golem.


A Golem Slow innate ability centers on a single creature in range, and affects all enemies of the user in a 15-foot radius around it. The golem will launch this ability as a projectile towards the target. It is similar to the Wizard level 3 spell Slow. The target must make a saving throw vs. Spells with a -4 penalty to negate. If the saving throw is missed, the target will be under a Slow effect, and be hindered with a THAC0 and Armor Class penalty of -4. Unlike the wizard spell, no text message or display icon is placed on the affected creature. There will be a brief lighting affect and color fade however. This innate ability does not bypass magic resistance, and has a level 3 spell power. A Minor Globe of Invulnerability and similar can block this innate ability. The ability causes creatures to move and attack at half of their normal rates.


  • This ability alters or inflects APR, causing a penalty to the affected creatures to play at half speed of its current attacking animation.
  • The Slow is neutered by the Haste effect. It also negates a haste effect, if applied to a creature under that.
  • The effect can be dispelled, and it can be blocked by magic resistance.