Golem Manual is found in the library on Watcher's Keep 1st Level, aside from being capable of summoning one Flesh Golem once per day, it's a potential component for more powerful golem manuals, you may upgrade it step by step for Clay/Stone Golem Manual, or you may use Juggernaut Golem Page to directly get Juggernaut Golem Manual, the most powerful one.


General description:

Judging by the arcane symbols printed on its cover, it is clear that this book is imbued with magical properties of one sort or another. Until you attempt to either read or identify it, however, its precise nature will remain unknown to you.
Identified description:
This amazing tome contains theoretical musings on the construction and control of golems. It also explains how to use the manual to temporarily conjure a servant of assembled flesh which will obey the creator without question. One must have a minimum Intelligence of 16 to understand the contents.