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Golem Haste is an innate ability effect available to most Clay Golem creatures in the game saga. In many ways, it is similar in function as the 3rd-level Wizard Spell Haste, but it is applied to the golem and any allied creatures of the golem within the area of effect radius. The golem can instantly initiate this ability into existence innately and with no spell casting delay or animation.


The spell effect is uninterruptable and takes almost no time to deploy. The scripted targeting will fire over a selected target area (usually the golem itself), and all allied creatures of the golem will be under a normal Haste effect.

The duration of the innate haste effect depends on the level of the golem in hit dice, typically 9, and then that would equate to a 72 second duration.


  • See the Haste effect page for what "normal" haste can do for the golem and allies. Note that this innate ability can be dispelled.