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The display showing the your party's current balance.

Gold Pieces are the standard currency of Faerûn, where the Baldur's Gate games are set.

The party's wealth can be seen in the lower central part of the inventory screen.

Prices in the game vary depending on various factors. The better your Reputation and Charisma — the lower the prices you pay when buying from merchants. The lower the amount of the item the merchant has in store, the higher the price you can sell it to him/her. All prices on this wiki are at the base, unchanged price.


Gold Piece

Gold is the standard of currency, commonly called Golden Lions throughout the Realms, though only the Cormyrean coins carry the figure of the lion on the coin (Sembian gold coin designs vary from year to year but always retain a five-sided shape). The most common in the southern regions are the Amnite danter, though there are a number of other golder coins from Tethyr and Thay, as well as a number of private mints (including some adventuring parties).
Winthrop death

You can find Gold Pieces in containers, by Pick Pocketing and on dead bodies.