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Godsbane is a miscellaneous item that can be found in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


This book can be found in a secret room within the Ruined Temple of Bhaal, alongside the Fractal Blade.


This book has no use beyond giving background information on the surrounding realms.


In the Time of Troubles, the god Mask, Lord of Shadows, hid himself within a blade of terrible power. Called Godsbane, the blade was sharp enough to bleed even a divine being. Cyric took up Godsbane when he faced Bhaal, Lord of Murder, on the mortal plane. Mask laughed from within the blade's steel as Cyric slew Bhaal and cast his body into the river below. The waters turned foul and tained, poisoned evermore as the Lord of Murder's corpse sank beneath the surface.


The poisoned water is likely the "dead water" that Neela mentions she gathered from beneath the Boareskyr Bridge for her potion.


BUG BUG: Despite obviously being a book, this is listed in the files as a miscellaneous item, an issue shared with all but 4 books in BG1/BG1EE. Later, those that also are present in BG2/BG2EE are properly categorized in that game. However, due to its actual use, in this wiki, it is also categorized as a book.