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The Goblin Cave is an area in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


This small cave is reachable through a difficult to notice entrance at the northeast end of Boareskyr Bridge.


This cave is positively swarming with goblins, housing 9 Goblin Archers, 8 Goblin Warriors, a Goblin Witch Doctor, and a Goblin Chieftain. Core difficulty will add 4 Goblin Sharpshooters and 1 Goblin Veteran, Hard 7 and 2, and Insanity 12 and 3, respectively.

In the back of the cave is a rock hiding a random gem or jewelry item, some gold, and the Circlet of Lost Souls, possibly taken from the nearby shaman's body[1] that once carried a Club, a Buckler, and a Potion of Clarity.



  1. Infinity files list the pile as "Dead_shaman".