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Goblins are a small, cunning race of goblinoids[1] that are a plague across all of Faerûn, though they are generally not dangerous unless encountered in very large numbers, or if they have had time to prepare an ambush. These particular goblins are encountered in Shadows of Amn and the Throne of Bhaal.



In the original Shadows of Amn goblins are classified by race as either hobgoblin or kobold and classified by class as either hobgoblin or thief. This is not fixed in the Enhanced Edition of either game. However, it is fixed in the Siege of Dragonspear where goblins are now properly classified as race: Goblin and class: Fighter.

For the sake of proper classification within this wiki and to follow the correct D&D classification, goblins are classified using the Siege of Dragonspear classifications. Fighter is chosen over rogue (even thought "thief" is a class given to several goblin creatures) because thieves are unable to weld composite longbows, bastard swords or axes and due to the nature of their disposition when encountered in the games.


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