Baldur's Gate Wiki

The Gnoll Stronghold area contains three caves that are scattered among the rocky outcrops that occur below the citadel. Xvarts, and possibly a few Gnolls too, are plentiful along the paths to the entrances. Xarts are also present inside the caves and all of the caves host colonies of Bats. Only one of the three contains treasure and resting safely is possible in all of them.

Gnoll Stronghold Cave 1  (AR5101)[]

This is the cave that's located down in the southwest corner of the area. The cave is occupied by six Xvarts and six bats. There are no lootable containers within the cave.

Gnoll Stronghold Cave 2  (AR5102)[]

This cave is located further up the rocky paths that circle back towards the stronghold. The third cave is situated to the left, just above it. The cave is occupied by four Xvarts and three bats. The chest is unlocked and contains 95 gp, three Potions of Healing, a scroll of Magic Missile, a scroll of Larloch's Minor Drain, and the Tome of Leadership and Influence.

Gnoll Stronghold Cave 3  (AR5103)[]

This cave is located above the second cave and appears to burrow right under the stronghold. When you enter the cave you'll be greeted by five Xvarts in the first chamber and a Carrion Crawler in the second chamber. Six bats are also flitting around the cave. There are no lootable containers within the cave.