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Die, scum![2]

This particular gnoll is a chaoticb male humanoid and an almost typical representant of his kind. However, he's involved in the Baldur's Gate quest Perdue's Short Sword, making trouble near the High Hedge Estate.

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His thieving lifestyle is reflected by more valuable things in his pockets than the usual gnoll carries around. Recently, he robbed Perdue the halfling of his short sword.[3]


Loitering at the southeastern wall of the High Hedge Estate, around coordinates 3709.2812, he will attack the party on sight,[4] together with two other gnolls in his company, a slasher and a veteran.

Perdue's Short Sword[]

Together with the usual halberd and some random treasure, he will drop Perdue's short sword which has to be picked up and returned to its proprietor in the Red Sheaf, Beregost, in order to earn a reward in form of five hundred experience points and 50gp from the halfling, no matter if his quest was accepted or even heard of before.[5][6][7][8]




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