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This Glabrezu demon is unique in the game and has a deep aquamarine blue tint/hue.

It is only encountered within the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze in the Watcher's Keep - Obelisk (AR3010) area.


The demon (and its red colored cohort) are hostile and will begin their actions when a party member is detected. It can See the invisible, so hiding won't prevent this.

The demon is scripted to summon one Ice Salamander elemental each round, until five of these creatures have been produced. Killing the demon stops this process obviously.

To help facilitate this conjuration plan, the demon will attempt to move away/retreat from an enemy to continue this single-minded summoning tactic.

Once it has produced five of the elementals, the glabrezu is free to cast other spells in its repertoire (See the InfoBox) and can advance and attack a party member in melee combat as well.

Most of the demon's spells are ForceSpell or ApplySpell actions and aren't interruptible by damage - the exception being the Cone of Cold.

Note that the demon is under a permanent normal Haste effect.


Mod content[]

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes revisions to the creature's spell use AI to a certain extent. This is especially evident if the "Improved Fiends and Celestials" component is installed.

The creature is now a 17 Hit dice creature (spell casts at level 17). The haste effect is removed, and a +2-movement modifier is substituted.

It retains the same Ice Salamander summoning script actions, but its other spells are reworked to provide a different selection, including:

True Seeing innate, 1x/day
Confusion innate, at will
Power Word, Stun at will
Remove Magic innate, at will
Mirror Image innate, at will
Teleport without error, at will
Unholy Blight innate, at will
Instant prep with Protection From Magical Weapons and Fireshield (Blue)

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