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Gish (githyanki) is a Githyanki (Race) mage found in the Planar Prison down below within a 'fleshy trap" Planar Prison Cell 1 (closest to wyvern) along with four other Githyanki, all of whom are hostile towards the party and will seek to destroy any who have been sucked into their area of control.

As with most Githyanki, their favored melee weapon is a two-handed sword, including this mage class creature, and the creature can also hurl darts for ranged attacks.

This mage has a limited spell book of usable spells and can initiate its innate ability to discharge a Psionic Blast. Upon entering this area, the Gish will quaff a Potion of Invisibility to gain advantage and then seek to cast spells, beginning with Armor (spell) and Mirror Image contingency self-buff. It will then begin to cast offensive or disabling spells at observed targets, such as Lightning Bolt, Flame Arrow, Chromatic Orb etc. All of the spells listed in the Info Box are valid scripted spell options. When and if the mage's hit points fall to a preset threshold, it will attempt to quaff the Potion of Extra Healing.

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod revises almost all Githyanki creatures in the game files, including this Gish. The creature is now a level 5/6 Fighter/Mage class with a different spell book of memorized usable spells. It has several assigned SCS scripts that work in tandem, to provide Githyanki racial Psionic innate ability use, "Smarter Mage" spell casting use, and general fighter/potion and item use. All work together.

  • Can use Planar Travel innate ability once per battle (SPIN179).
  • Can use Psionic Maze innate ability once per battle (SPIN774).
  • Gish opens with Mirror Image, Armor (spell) and Haste as a pre-buff instant contingency. All other Githyanki in the area will also benefit from the Haste.
  • Quaffs Potion of Invisibility.
  • Quaffs Healing Potion if damaged.
  • Spell casts offensive spells similar to the unmodified version.