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Giant Snake is the Guardian of Slime. It will spawn in the Slime Chamber/laboratory in Watcher's Keep Elemental Level when the Guardian of Air is defeated. It spawns along with Poison Mist creatures and special Green slime jellies with higher-than-normal resistances.


This one-of-a-kind creature poses a threat from the melee attacks it will do in close quarters combat.

Getting struck can be an issue, due to the no saving throw automatic Stun effect, and the poison effect.

First time players that just rush in and start swinging with no specific protections applied can be at risk here.

Best to not get struck by this snake at all. Try killing it with ranged weapons or spell attacks but pay attention to its immunities and protections listed on the InfoBox.

When it's dead, the player can retrieve the Slime Scepter from the body.