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Ghallus is a minotaur barbarian found in a cage in the slave pens in the Red Wizard Enclave, during the quest Neera's Hidden Refuge.

He fought for five years as a gladiator in Thay before escaping, was caught and sent to the enclave, as no master in Thay dared having him as a slave after this.

If freed and a distraction created in the enclave, he will run out the door and return at the start of the battle with Lanneth, along with four Amnian legionnaires chasing the minotaur from the marketplace in Waukeen's Promenade, after telling them he was an escaped slave.

To free him from his cage, one needs to get a Slave Pen Key from one of the nearby Red Wizards. If he survives the battle, he says he will go to the Silver Marches, which is in the northwestern part of Faerûn.