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This is part of the main quest for Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7.


When the party first enters Suldanessellar and dialogue with Elhan is finished - the player has this quest registered in their Journal, as follows:

Journal entry: Getting inside the palace in Suldanessellar
"The Rhynn Lanthorn has shone the way to Suldanessellar, and Elhan was grieved to see that the city is under siege by multitudes of creatures brought by Irenicus, including devilish rakshasa whose illusionary magics hid the city in the first place. Elhan has told me to seek out Queen Ellesime or High Priestess Demin, either of which may be able to do something about the invasion or help me find Irenicus. Elhan himself will remain at the city's entrance and shepherd refugees safely out of the city."

Walkthrough (abbreviated)[]

Elhan says to seek queen Ellesime or Priestess Demin to find out if they know what to do about this invasion or to stop Irenicus.

It may not be apparent now, but only Demin can be contacted as the queen is secured below The Palace, and the Palace can't be entered without certain actions taken.

Looking at the player's world map shows the location of Demin's House. This is a solid clue that she might be there. So, make a visit and enter the house to find out.

Save the priestess from destruction by destroying the rakshasas that threaten her. Demin will be ablet to provide information about getting the leaf lord Rillifane to open the sealed palace and access to Irenicus and Ellesime. If by chance Demin is slain during the battle, search her body for Demin's Note - this will give the bare bones information needed to complete the quest.

In order to awaken the Avatar of Rillifane, several artifacts must be placed on the altar in the Temple of Rillifane. Demin outlines that the artifacts can be found in the Suldanessellar environs.

To open the main door of The Palace, you will need:

After collecting the artifacts, return to the Temple of Rillifane and place each item on the altar. This action will awaken the Avatar of Rillifane. After the Leaflord finishes its dialogue, one of the outcomes that occurs is to unlock the Palace door.

Note:For a more thorough and area-by area and encounter-by-encounter Walkthrough - refer to the Suldanessellar article