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Gerg is a hobgoblin who's found in the cave area that's located within the northwest section of Firkraag's Maze. He and an unnamed small troll are in the process of being berating by a wolfwere known as Captain for their failure to satisfactorily clean Firkraag's golems.

Following a brief dialogue between the three, the Captain will transform into his wolfwere form and attack the orc and troll, concentrating on Gerg first. The outcome of this battle has three possibilities:

  • Gerg and the troll prevail, then they both leave.
  • The Captain kills Gerg and the troll kills the Captain, then the troll leaves (this seems to be the most common outcome).
  • Both Gerg and the troll are killed by the Captain, then he attacks the party (this is the least possible outcome).

It is also possible for the party to intervene in the battle:

  • Help to kill the wolfwere, then the orc and troll leave.
  • Help to kill the orc and troll, then the wolfwere attacks the party.

If you attack the orc and troll but the wolfwere is killed, they will attack the party since attacking either of them during the battle turns both of them hostile.


  • Gerg is Greg backwards.