Baldur's Gate Wiki

The town of Nashkel as two generic homes which do not serve much purpose in the overall story. This list contains information on any home not already named in-game or without a central defining occupant who owns the house (e.g. Joseph's Home).

One convenient method of differentiating between these homes is referring to them by their internal area codes as defined by the game's developers.

Unless otherwise specified, assume that NPCs carry nothing, containers are unlocked, and that NPCs will call the Amnian Soldiers if they witness the party looting their containers. Locks all have a specific difficulty class for a thief to be able to open them, referred to here as the lock's(DC).

Generic Home  (AR4807)[]

This is the house with the wood-shingled roof near the bridge and it has row crop agriculture fields in the front and on its right side. The front door is locked(30).

Inside is a farmer who is standing in the great room of the house. He will immediately approach the party and tell them to "get outta here 'fore I have ta hurt ya". He will begin wandering the premises but once he disappears into the kitchen and bathing area thievery can be quick and thorough. The chest is locked(40) and contains 4 gp and a Silver Ring. The chest of drawers is empty.

Generic Home  (AR4808)[]

This house has the thatched roof and is located north of the row crop agriculture fields. The hidden Ankheg Plate Mail is located at the edge of the ag field almost directly in line with the front door which is locked(30).

The inside is populated by a family. The son is standing in the great room and the husband and wife are in the bedroom. The husband will approach the party upon sight and tell you to get out. All three then start to wander around the premises, thereby making thievery a bit challenging.

The chest next to the first bed is locked(30) and contains 23 gp and a Throwing Axe. The chest between the beds is locked(50) and contains a suit of Chain Mail and a Battle Axe. The chest of drawers is locked(40) and contains a Silver Necklace.