Baldur's Gate is full of generic buildings across the map, primarily homes in towns and cities, along with stores, taverns and inns, and warehouses which often do not serve much purpose in the overall story. This disambiguation list links to pages containing info on any of these structures not already named in-game or without a central defining occupant who owns the home/establishment (e.g. Fenten's Home, Gantolandan's Home, etc.).

Baldur's Gate[edit | edit source]

Beregost[edit | edit source]

Carnival[edit | edit source]

Fishing Village[edit | edit source]

Friendly Arm Inn[edit | edit source]

Gullykin[edit | edit source]

High Hedge[edit | edit source]

Nashkel[edit | edit source]

Ulgoth's Beard[edit | edit source]

Floor Plans[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike every other area in the city, there are no generic buildings in West Baldur's Gate. Every location in that district of the city contains named characters and/or quest targets.
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