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General Sovalidaas is the lead officer of the elven forces defending the Underdark exit area, and what's left of the forces outside of Suldanessellar since its "disappearance".

You will be of use if you supply answers to our questions. Perhaps you will bring enlightenment, perhaps not. Perhaps you are in league with the enemy, perhaps not.


After escaping the Underdark in Chapter 6, several elves will take Gorion's Ward and the party to see the general.

The general will ask a few questions and answer some from the party. He is not overtly hostile but will eventually refer the group to his commander, Elhan.

The general gives the party a warning that if any of his elves are attacked, it will be the death of you. They are Legion. This not a hollow threat, the PC will die and it will be game over if any elves are made hostile. This is a scripted plot element, so don't bother trying to get around it during gameplay.

After the party receives the opening journal entry and The Elven City Requires My Aid questline, the general, a elven wizard and three elven warriors will remain in the area. They can be spoken to if initited by the party - although dialogue is limited.


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