This page is about the priest version of the spell. For the wizard version, see Gate (wizard).

When casting Gate, the cleric summons forth one of the greatest of all baatezu, the pit fiend.


By means of this spell, the caster calls an outer planar creature to attack any creatures it can find, including the caster. The creature summoned is a pit fiend, one of the most powerful demons. The creature will not attack anyone under the effects of Protection From Evil.

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This is the worst of all demon summoning spells, and is listed by the Cowled Wizards as the leading cause of lich suicide in Athkatla. All Gate does is call in another dangerous enemy to make tough battles harder. While the Pit Fiend is physically powerful, its claws are coded as nonmagical weapons, so it is helpless against most of the threats it would be commonly called in to dispatch. Its large size and slow speed makes it easy to evade, target or trap. It lacks any notable ranged spells outside of Fireball. To add insult to injury, these baatezu lords easily mind controlled by Demogorgon, a tanar'ri. Never use Gate if there are other choices available unless you are a fanatical devil worshiper.

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