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Garuk is a dwarf cleric who used to be a member of the Cult of the Eyeless, but has since left them to become one of the Cult Outcasts. He can be found in the Lair of the Cult Outcasts, a closed-off section of The Old Tunnels that requires Gaal's Key to open the Door to the Inner Chambers. someone there? Sassar?

Being an ex-cultist, he is blind and no longer has the benefits of a "type" of "sight" granted by his former god.

"I am an old and proud dwarf, me friend, and I beg of ye to help us stop the beholder! I have no eyes yet I will fight to me last breath to kill it! Please..."

Given the chance he will tell you his story.

"I be Garuk, my friend...the good Sassar helped me flee from the cult several weeks ago and we have been running and hiding e'er since. We have tried to retrieve a piece of the mystic rod to defeat the beholder... but we can do little without our eyes or the sight bestowed by the creature. 'Tis frustrating. No clan warrior am I without a set of eyes...Sassar be far better off. Talk to him again... help us gain this rod and stop the beholder. You have the gratitude of an old dwarf, me friend. Anything you could do t' help us would be of great aid!"


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    Shadows of Amn
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    Garuk is a 10th level Cleric but has no priest spells, nor can he repulse undead. This is, perhaps, intentional because his former "god" has no "real" divinity that is able to grant him "divine" spell-casting ability; or BioWare simply overlooked it. Of course, whether intentional or not, he is no longer an adherent to his "god" thereby granting him no divine spell-casting ability whatsoever.
  • He is equipped with LEATH04.ITM in the Armor slot, but it is not an item found in the game; perhaps a typo that was meant to be LEAT04.ITM (Studded Leather Armor).


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