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Garrick is a chaotic neutral human bard and a potential companion in Baldur's Gate GTRBPSK Icon BG1Baldur's Gate (1998)
This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate campaign.
Tales of the Sword Coast IconBaldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast (1999)
This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast campaign.
Baldur's Gate LOGOBG00001 Icon SoDBaldur's Gate:
Enhanced Edition
This icon indicates content from the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition campaign.

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast[]


Garrick (Beregost, initially) BG1EE

Garrick is available from Chapter One. You will find him waiting outside The Burning Wizard in Beregost. He will ask if you are willing to protect his mistress Silke for 300 gold; accept his offer and then complete the quest, The Silke Dilemma, which leads to Silke's death. Speak to Garrick again and allow him to join. If you help Silke instead during the quest he won't join and will vanish from the game.

If you kill Silke before talking to Garrick, he will not be able to respond, and you will not be able to recruit him. However, preemptively killing Silke does not affect your reputation and can solve a difficult fight with a quick backstab.


  • Garrick and Ajantis share a great mutual respect and consider each other men of honor.
  • Alora enjoys Garrick's music and will sometimes ask him to play songs for her. Interestingly enough, however, she will only do this if Eldoth is also in the party.
  • Garrick regards Branwen fondly and sees her as a very caring person.
  • Garrick sees Dynaheir as rude and lacking in manners. Dynaheir, however, thinks rather highly of Garrick.
  • Garrick dislikes Edwin because of the mage's rude and abrasive personality.
  • Eldoth, Skie, and Garrick have a wild love triangle. Garrick is head over heels for Skie, who is in turn head over heels for Eldoth, who in turn...well, really doesn't care for Skie at all and doesn't think too highly of Garrick, either. Garrick believes Skie deserves far better than Eldoth, who is borderline abusive towards her, and he has a lot of resentment towards Eldoth as a result.
  • Garrick and Jaheira get along very well and think very highly of each other.
  • Kagain dislikes Garrick and thinks the bard is a complete idiot. Garrick refuses to engage the dwarf in response to his insults, as it takes two to make a quarrel.
  • Garrick looks up to Khalid and sees him as an honorable person.
  • Garrick also looks up to Kivan and sees him as an honorable person.
  • Minsc enjoys Garrick's music and will sometimes encourage him to play.
  • Montaron is rather disdainful towards Garrick.
  • Quayle thinks Garrick is stupid and will tend to insult him. Surprisingly, though, Garrick is among the few characters that actually tolerates Quayle.
  • Safana thinks very little of Garrick and is dismissive and bossy towards him.
  • Shar-Teel dislikes Garrick and will often shoot scathing insults at him unprovoked. Garrick takes these insults graciously for the most part, but still dislikes her and finds her rude.
  • Garrick dislikes Tiax and thinks he is far too rude to the other party members.
  • Viconia thinks little of Garrick and will often try to boss him around.
  • Garrick and Yeslick are very friendly towards each other.


  • InBGEElogoglowlogoonlyBaldur's Gate I & II: Enhanced Editions
    This icon indicates content from all Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games. May situationally encompass Siege of Dragonspear and The Black Pits I & II content as well.
    : companions who are under-leveled at the time of joining will be given a certain amount of experience points (XP) for you to manually level them up to gain more control of their status
Starting status in classic Baldur's Gate
Average party level Level XP Gold Hit Points Weapon Proficiency Equipment spells_abilities
1.00 - 1.99 1 76 4 6 (1d6)
  • Short Sword +
  • Crossbow +
2.00 - 2.99 2 1270 11 10 (2d6)
3.00 - 4.99 4 5089 43 15 (4d6)
  • Short Sword +
  • Crossbow +
  • Shortbow +
5.00+ 6 21121 55 20 (6d6)


When asked about his past, GARRICK explains that he was part of a celebrated acting troupe called the Dale Wind Troubadours. They traveled the length of the coast from Neverwinter to Amn and often played to Dukes and other nobility. Indeed, few others could afford the cost of a performance when the group was at its peak.
Garrick does not speak fondly of this time however, as the direction the group was taking left him dissatisfied with their conduct. He apparently discovered that performances were being used as distractions for thievery and declared he would have nothing to do with it.
Rebuffed by his comrades, now he wishes simply to travel and play his music for those that will listen. He seems a bit young and naive, and a touch too ready to take the word of a stranger.


Hello there. I have a pretty proposal for you. Initial meeting
Brave, brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick led the way. Brave, brave Sir Garrick, Sir Garrick ran away! Morale failure
If man is known by the company he keeps, I shall be thought of gloriously. Happy
Why did we just do that? Unhappy-annoyed
I can't stand by and just let this happen. Unhappy-serious
I'm sorry, but I have to leave. I can't stomach what we do anymore! Unhappy-break
I feel a little unprepared for this job, but I'll try my best. Leader
*yawn* A yawn is a silent shout. Tired
A bored man is an angry man. Bored
Once more unto the breach, dear friends! Battlecry1
My goodness! I think I'm dying. Hurt
I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree. Forest
'Tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood. City
Yes, sir? Select1
I am at your service. Select2
Life is glorious. Select3
At once. Action1
With godspeed. Action2
With joy, sir. Action3
Give and spend, and the gods will send. Action4
Make short the miles with talk and smiles. Action5
Love makes the world go round. Action6
Music has charms to soothe the savage breast. Action7
Perhaps you'd care to hear my music, Skie. It's very different and somewhat better than Eldoth's. Interaction1
Why do you stay with Eldoth, Skie? Can't you see he's just using you?


Don't speak to Skie that way, Eldoth. She deserves better.


My music is superior to yours, Eldoth, I was taught at the college in Berdusk.


A girl of beauty is a joy forever.


I think you need to learn some manners. Insult1
I think you're an honorable person. Compliment1
I don't remember knowing a more caring person. Special1
The world is such a cruel place. To death-general
Nooo! Why her? She didn't deserve this! To death-Skie
Thank you so very much for your most gracious compliment. To compliment1
I don't know what I did to deserve THAT. To insult1
It takes two to make a quarrel.

To insult2

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear[]

Garrick can be found in the first floor of the Elfsong Tavern. While he will chat and shares what he knows about the current situation in Baldur's Gate, he is uninterested in joining the player's party as he is smitten with "Lady" Alyth Elendara. Garrick's feelings to her seem unrequited.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn[]

He returns in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn but not as a party member. He can be found in the Athkatla Temple District trying (or rather failing) to woo Lady Irlana, a female Paladin of the Radiant Heart, with the help of Cyrando, a gnome friend. Nervous, he fumbles the lines being recited and gets to saying inappropriate things. When Gorion's Ward talks with him, he vaguely remembers them, but he doesn't know how he met the party or any names of party members. After some time has passed, when revisiting the same location, the gnome has married the Lady and Garrick, who was playing at the wedding feast, met a woman from Calimshan, whom he accompanies to that southern nation. He won't be encountered again after this.


The scene referred to with Cyrando, a Gnome (presumably having a Big Gnomish Nose) who is enlisted by his "would-be" Bard friend to woo a Lady, is most likely an homage to the play Cyrano de Bergerac and its subsequent adaptations.


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