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Garren Windspear is a human paladin who was the lord of the land that bears his name until all he had was destroyed and his lands taken from him by the red dragon Firkraag.

What goes on here? I've seen many a strange thing in my time, but the events of the past few moments tops them all. Who are you that can change shape so readily, and why have you slain these beasts that become men?

— Garren Windspear


He will first appear following the monster ambush that greets the party when they explore the Windspear Hills area for the first time. After some brief dialogue about the exact nature of what the party just encountered in that monster ambush, he'll invite the party to his cabin where they may find sanctuary while they learn more of the situation that they have become embroiled in.

A cutscene will transport the party to the front of the cabin; whereupon entering the cabin, you'll discover Windspear and his child waiting for you.

Note: Windspear's child's sex is binary in that — if Gorion's Ward is a male, than the child is a girl named Iltha and if the Ward is a female, then the child is a boy named Taar.

Garren will fully explain his current state of misery and offer to help the party by traveling to Athkatla to speak with friends that he has within the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart in hopes of persuading the Order to have mercy upon the party for killing members of the Order in that monster ambush.

While he is away, bandits will invade the cabin and kidnap Windspear's child. After killing off the bandits, Garren will reappear and, after gripping at the party for letting his child be kidnapped, come to the realization that it is all the continued tormenting of Firkraag. He'll ask you to rescue his child although he's not sure where the bandits may have taken the child. He'll mention some ruins to the northeast as a possibility.

Garren will also mention that the Radiant Heart has heard his pleas of the party's virtue and that they demand justice for the slain knights.

Alternate Option[]

If you decide not to enter the cabin or refuse Windspear's "charity" after the monster ambush, Garren will appear at the Dungeon Entrance that is marked on the area map if you attempt to enter this area. He will inform the party that his child has been kidnapped, his cabin trashed and blood splattered, and that he found a note left by the kidnappers (which will be created and placed in your inventory). This event also begins the Rescue Garren's child from Firkraag side quest.

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