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Galvena, sometimes also referred to as Mistress Galvena, is mentioned by several non-player characters in and around Brynnlaw. She is known as the head of a Brothel with some unsavory ethics and cruel exploitive practices on the island town. Galvena is allied or at least in partnership with Pirate Lord Desharik. Galvena employs courtesans, guards, bouncers, a pimp, servants and others as part of the Brothel enterprise. She is said to be cruel and vindictive. The woman even has her own private prison in the bowels of her fortified Brothel.

Silence! The punishment is severe and immediate. An example shall be made of you as was made of your... "husband" Sanik. I should think that...


Despite so much talk and reference to Galvena by various folks in Brynnlaw, she can only be encountered in the Brothel prison area, and that place can only be accessed if the party gets hold of a specific key located in her private quarters within the Brothel.

The plot and purpose of confronting Galvena is covered as part of the Getting inside the asylum quest. Go to that article for all the steps and associated paths to this subject.

If the party manages to eventually make its way to the Brothel Prison area to face Galvena, along with her private guardian/enforcer mage Vadek in order to rescue Claire, then hostilities are about to begin. This is unavoidable in the plot.

When that time comes and dialogue is exhausted, Galvena will engage in close quarters melee combat with the nearest party member she can detect, swinging her enchanted flail as her primary weapon. If she is defeated, her body can be searched and looted for her flail and leather armor, both of which are enchanted and valuable.


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod assigns a new default SCS Fighter AI script to Galvena, for better targeting and tactical behavior. She is slightly modified to allow sufficient strength to wield a flail (which is technically too low in the unmodified creature version), and also given 4 pips in flail weapon proficiency, as well as 2 pips in single weapon fighting style. This will improve her melee combat slightly.