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GHAST1.ITM is an undroppable "Ghast Touch" weapon equipped to ghasts and powerful ghouls in the Weapon 1 slot.


For the purposes of what it can strike, it is a Magical item with level 1 enchantment value, applying 1d8 Piercing damage (adjusted by Strength modifiers in BG2 and BG2EE) with a range of one foot, and a speed factor of three.

Upon a living target, two saving throws must be made to avoid the other potential effects (which can be dispelled, and do not bypass Magic resistance):

  • Paralyzed for 42 seconds (7 rounds), Save vs. Death negates, Held portrait icon
  • 2 THAC0 penalty for 200 seconds (33 rounds), Save vs. Breath negates, Diseased portrait icon



  • Greater Lacedons are a Ghast by Class, and have this weapon assigned to the "Item 1" slot in Near Infinity, however it is not the Active Weapon.
  • In the original Baldur's Gate game, the portrait icon for the THACO penalty is Nauseated. However, in the original and EE versions of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn it uses icon no. 126 and should show a Diseased icon in the victim's portrait.
Note: Although a player's portrait may show a "diseased' Icon, it is not coded as an actual Disease effect in the game engine. A cure disease effect won't do anything. How's that for confusing?