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Frozen Fist is an innate class ability usable by Dark Moon Monks. They gain one use at level 1 and an additional use every 4 levels thereafter.


When this ability is activated, the Dark Moon Monk's fists are wreathed in a frosty shell. For 1 turn, the Dark Moon Monk's unarmed attacks deal an additional 2 3 points of cold damage on each successful hit.


  • Frozen Fist only applies to unarmed attacks
  • Can be stacked several times. For example, a level 9 Dark Moon Monk can activate all his three uses before combat (though like all abilities, you have to wait 1 round before activating the next stack) and then do three times the cold damage per hit.


  • The description states that Frozen Fist deals 2 damage, but it is configured as 1d0+2, and the 0-faced die counts as a 1-faced die. So in actuality, the skill deals 3 cold damage per hit.