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This is part of the main quest for Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7.


When the party first enters the Tree of Life area, there is dialogue with a projected image of Ellesime. When the dialogue is finished, the image disappears and the player has this quest registered in their Journal, as follows:

Journal entry: Freeing Queen Ellesime
"I spoke with the projected image of Queen Ellesime. She is held near the center of the Tree of Life, caged with corruptive magics. Irenicus is absorbing the power of the Tree, draining it with three strange parasites that have been attached to the trunk in various places. Ellesime says that Irenicus is oblivious to everything around him and may be stopped if we act quickly."
I must kill the parasites, reaching them by growing branches using nuts from the palace gardens. Once this is done, Ellesime will be freed from her cage and she can sever Irenicus's connection to the tree."

Walkthrough (very abbreviated)[]

Find and destroy the three parasites on the Tree of Life.

When the second parasite is destroyed, Ellesime's projected image makes contact again and urges the party to continue and gives some encouragement. A small Journal update is registered at this juncture:

Journal entry: Freeing Queen Ellesime
"There is only one more parasite left to kill, and Ellesime says it must be dispatched quickly. Once it is killed she will begin disconnecting Irenicus from the Tree of Life, and I will have to go to the central area quickly. Irenicus will be disoriented and weak, and that may be my only chance. She warns caution though; the effect of the mage absorbing the Tree's power is unknown."

After the third and final parasite is destroyed, the party is transferred to the central area with Irenicus and Ellesime in her cage.

Jon and the Bhaalspawn, and then Jon and the Queen have dialogue. Ellesime is now freed and disappears from the map.

A final Journal entry registers for this quest, as follows:

Journal entry: Freeing Queen Ellesime
"I killed the parasites Irenicus was using to drain the Tree of Life, and I freed Queen Ellesime from her cage. She then severed Irenicus's connection to the Tree, a disorientating process that may have weakened him. Ellesime has disappeared, perhaps to get reinforcements, leaving me with my only chance to gain revenge for everything Irenicus has stolen from me!"

Ireinicus and the party have dialogue (some interjections by key Bioware companions occurs).

Irenicus turns hostile and battles the party.

If the party is successful, Irenicus is killed, the bhaalspawn and party is soon tugged down into The Abyss {AKA Hell) to start Chapter 7, Part 2 as it is referred to in the player's game text.

The player's Journal then updates and registers the Finding Irenicus in Hell Questline.

See The Abyss page for that stage of the saga.