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Free the Human Slaves is a side encounter (not really a quest, as it has no journal entries) available in chapter 5.

Introduction and gameplay[]

In Ust Natha, at the north western portion of the city is a platform with a typical drow tower structure in the center, and several ornate cages, or pens surrounding it. There may be wandering Giant Spider creatures moving about the platform or examining everything with their multiple eyes.

A richly dressed drow female, with the markings of a Priestess of Lolth strolls and stares at various human slaves in their pens. She seems pensive.

An adamantine full plate mail clad male drow also observes the platform. He holds a lance in one hand, and in the other is a scroll or ledger, which he glances at, and sometimes makes markings with his stylus, perhaps doing some bookkeeping.

Human figures in surfacer clothing can be seen within the various pens. They seem to be sorted by age.

The party must decide if they wish to engage any of these people. None will address the party unless initiated by the player. There is no requirement to speak with anyone, and the party is free to just look and move on to something else in the city. It is entirely optional to dig further into these characters.


Note:The most optimal time to do this side quest/encounter is to wait until your party has spoken with Matron Mother Ardulace Despana. If done then, additional dialogue options open up as well as additional choices.

The Priestess of Lolth[]

You may address the Priestess who is in this area if you dare. She has no bearing on the slaves or their fate. Alternatively, the party can just leave the priestess to her own brooding thoughts. She certainly has no interest in the party.

Address the Slaves[]

UN Human Slave Pens 2

There are five pens on the platform. Each pen has one or more humans locked within, and they appear to be confined in their guilded cages and on display to view at the same time.

In one pen is a lone male dressed in Nobleman attire (DASLAVE6), although a bit worse for wear. If you address the nobleman, he may say:
"My... these are my people whom you've imprisoned here. I demand you free us!"

In another pen is a lone woman dressed in peasant attire (DASLAVE5), dirty and disheveled. She will vehemently glare at the party and hiss:
"Get away from me! Get away from me, you horrible creatures!"

Another pen has two adults within. The first is a woman who appears to wear the trappings of a Cleric (DASLAVE2), she will say:
"Ilmater, I pray to you... send mercy to your faithful servant... aid her and the poor souls that are with her. I beg of you..."

The other captive is a male Halfling (DASLAVE7) who tearfully exclaims:
"My... my entire family... why? *sob* Why?"

UN Human Slave Pens

Yet another pen holds a boy and a girl (DASLAVE3 and 4)
The Slave Girl says: "Where's my mommy? Can I see my mommy? I miss her..."
The Slave Boys begs: "It... it's one of the dark people! *sob* Pl-please don't hurt me!"

The last pen holds a lone male, the Slave Leader. His first reply will be a fiery insult. Much more dialogue is available later if you are able to purchase the slaves. This will only be permissible after having contact with Matron Mother Ardulace Despana and making a deal with the Drow Slave Trader.

Address the Slave Trader[]

The Drow Slave Trader will engage in conversation with the party spokesperson if he is contacted. Questions may be asked about the slaves, and he'll answer them in typical drow fashion. If the drow thinks the curiosity is getting tedious, he may say:
"Have you actual business with me, <MALEFEMALE>, or do you simply enjoy the fetid aroma of penned surfacers? I am late watering the dogs, and you are keeping me from it."

For instance, if asked what kind of slaves are being sold, he'll reply:
"Pfeh. Humans, mostly. Surfacers from a recent raid by the young. All of the passable ones have already been purchased or selected by the Handmaidens."

If the party makes any comments or replies that suggest they are outraged by the fact that the slaves and their ultimate fate is horrifying or similar, the Slave trader will give an earful back, bewildered by the attitude of you, fellow drow - such as:
"Eh? What is so outrageous about it? These are lesser beings, nothing more. Rothé for the slaughter, if we so desire. What would make you think otherwise?"

If the party inquires about buying the slaves, and haven't yet been summoned for an audience with the Matron Mother yet, he'll say:
"Why? Are you thinking that you require slaves for yourself? You are associated with no noble House that I know of. Return if a matron mother sends you."

Later, after the party has been summoned to see the Matron Mother, the party will be considered favored by House Despana, and the party may return to buy the slaves. See the Slave Trader again. After some more back and forth about what you may be using the slaves, and whether they may be required to work outside the city, the party can basically just purchase the slaves (presumably as an offering to Lolth as food for the Spider Pits), or to conduct work in the Underdark.

If the party makes it clear they are interested in buying, and how much, the Slave trader asks:
"Well, it depends on what House Despana needs them for. If you need them to work outside of the city, you might want them armed, but it costs a little extra."

Or if the party makes it clear that weapons won't be needed:
"Then use them for sport outside of the city or send them to the temple as an offering. The Dark Mother's spiders are always hungry."

Now the party must agree on a price, which can be as expensive as 2,000 Gold. This can be reduced with certain dialogue choices, depending on what the party wished to do with slaves.

Note:From a party that wishes to right a wrong standpoint and to give the slaves a chance to survive their freedom, then paying the fee to buy and arm the slaves is the best option, as it gives an XP reward, as well as +1 reputation.

If the party goes with this plan, the the Slave Trader will release the humans, provide them weapons and say:
"Excellent. You are doing me a favor, taking these filthy humans. I'll have to go and get their equipment, but I shall bring them out of their cages first. Next he'll comment:
"While I am gone, you may wish to leave your instructions with them. I'll have them armed and sent where you wish. Lolth's favor on you, <MALEFEMALE>."

Address the Slaves you have freed[]

UN Free the Slaves

Now, the Slave Leader will speak with you and ask what is to become of them, as you are their new owner. There are options of what you can say. You can be somewhat kind and benevolent, in tone, and tell them to go to the city gates and make their way to freedom. You can be somewhat uncaring, and tell them to fend for themselves, or you can even be particularly cruel and tell them to start running, as they will be used for target practice.

Note:The optimal choice here is to tell them to go to the gates, tell the guards they are performing a service for the party, and try and make their way to the surface.

The slave leader will have few more closing remarks, and then the slaves will depart. During this phase certain party companions will have commentary, such as Edwin, Valygar, Jaheria and Nalia. Many popular NPC companion mods also have interjections, such as Xan and Afaaq the Djinni Companion.

Depending on what the party did with their dialogue, they could gain 7,500 quest experience and +1 Reputation.

Mod gallery[]

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