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Frankie is an employee of the Copper Coronet found in the special "back room" areas.


Frankie's job is to greet guests invited to partake in the "special entertainment" in the rear portion of the facility, specifically the gladiatorial style death match arena. He will initiate dialogue and address the party with "Why, hello to you, dear customers! Welcome to the pit!".

You may of course ask a few questions about the pit if want to find out more about this "entertainment".

Party companions including Aerie, Anomen, Korgan and Viconia may have some remarks based on the dialogue.

Later in the saga, if the party ever makes the Copper Coronet staff hostile, Frankie will flee the premises. He's not a brawler.

Harming Frankie will cause the Copper Coronet staff and others to react with hostility.


Mod content[]

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